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About Sporkless Entertainment

Founded in 2020

Freelance video / podcast producers and editors turned paranormal investigators. Based in Atchison KS, one of the most haunted cities in the U.S.

     Twitch Flippant has been creating video and audio story content since the age of 8 using an old RCA camcorder, or just a mono cassette recorder. His interest in media production and the paranormal was heavily influenced by movies from the 80s. As an adult he spent free time creating projects for youtube and other hobby outlets while working full-time jobs in law enforcement and driving. He has since spent most creative efforts editing content by other creators.

    Revenitor has been researching strange phenomena for as long as he can remember. From cryptozoology to demonic possession, he has studied the human psychology behind everything paranormal and unexplained, speculating about which, if any, may have a basis in physical reality. With an emphasis on the cultural and historical nature of our most cherished legends, his intent is to cultivate a broader understanding of how mythology is born, and the role it plays in our daily lives.

Now the team is focused on creating their own content in radio show style podcasts as well as full format documentary television programs. If you would like to work with Sporkless as either a client or witness, feel free to contact us.

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